Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sweater Progress

OK, so you can now see how far along I am on the sweater:

I should have used circs, this is a lot of stitches to shove on a straight needle. Anyway, I love the way it is coming out, I just wish I was able to knit on it faster (or spend more time on it).

And some new yarn!

Bought this from someone on Ravelry. I like the way it knits up, and want to make socks for my grandma, who loves green. Now I just have to finish my huge pile of knitting to make grandma socks!

The latest Rockin' Sock Club yarn. I never would have picked this but I love it. I am sooooo far behind though - still on the kit from last June *wheeze* I think once I finish Arwen, socks will be flying off my needles though!

Thursday, January 24, 2008


We had this for dinner last night and tonight. You must make it!

Golden Winter Soup

As for Arwen, I've reached the armpit (actually cast on for the sleeve as well). We'll see if I can get the sleeve/shoulder done over the weekend and maybe even some work on the hood. I have no plans this whole weekend except knitting - and I do promise to get a progress photo up :)

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Arwen cables

Thought I would show you how the cables are going. I've been working on socks only for the last few days but am planning to do some more on this sweater today. It appears I did mis-cross a cable (right in the center there) but I had to stare at the official photo for 5 minutes to be sure, and I think it looks OK so I'm leaving it.

It's really cold today so my only plans are for knitting and bread baking. No leaving the house!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Web socks webbing

I was planning to post this photo on Ravelry tonight, but photos are being wonky there today. I finally took a picture of the Web socks. We'll disregard the fact that there are 2 stitch patterns within that sock pattern and I actually started up with the wrong one but decided against frogging because I just plain old didn't want to. They are looking nice anyway.

I love love LOVE the color of this yarn (that sound you hear is all the Ktog'ers laughing as they know what a fetish I have for purple!) This is truly my favorite shade of purple though, and the photo shows it well.

And now for the close up!

This one totally does not show the color properly but you can see the lovely stitching.

I am using Louet Gems fingering weight, and I am really happy with how soft it is knitting up - you wouldn't guess from the yarn how soft the fabric would be. I can't wait to have these as actual wear-able socks.

Arwen update: I am 16 rows into the left front. The cabling is going slow. There may have been some ripping back last night. There are cable crosses on every right-side row. Like I said, slow. But I'm slowly getting the hang of the pattern. It looks pretty but I am feeling disgruntled by the slow-ness.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Nothing too exciting...

But I finished the back of the Arwen sweater last night.

There's still a fair amount to do, both fronts plus the sleeves and the hood. And all of those have the cables. Not that cables are scary (mostly) but they definitely go slower. I'm a little nervous I might accidentally mis-cross one, but fingers crossed that I won't!

Monday, January 07, 2008

Socks & Sweaters

I actually didn't knit much over the weekend (was very busy), but I have been knitting on weeknights.

Here is the progress on the Arwen sweater so far:

I would say the back is about a third done, maybe a bit more. I'm making it 23 inches instead of 19 inches (would rather have this a little longer). I bought lots of extra yarn to make sure I had enough! So far this is really boring, but then I can knit easily while watching a movie, or reading a book! When I get to the front (with the pretty Celtic cables), I expect it will be more interesting, but slower. I haven't studied the cable chart yet, not sure if there are even any rows without crosses....but I will slog through it either way.

The Solstice Slip socks are really fun, though I haven't touched them since I got to the gusset on Saturday:

I did in fact get the hang of cabling without a cable needle, which helps. I won't pretend I haven't dropped a few stitches while trying to cable, though :/ I love the way the color is producing a sort of "tiger stripe" effect...shows even better on the sole:

I knit on the Web Socks some in the car on Saturday (because I forgot to bring the Arwen sweater, but I keep the socks in the car)...still no photos of those.

We got new dining room furniture this weekend. This is very exciting for me - finally replacing the stuff I got straight out of college. No photos of that yet either, but I will have them - probably over this coming weekend so I can get them in the natural light.

And now I must get back to knitting so I have more stuff to entertain you with! :)

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Food for thought

So my next door neighbors, who put up the "Happy Birthday Jesus" sign in their front yard at Christmas (thus proclaiming themselves uberChristians) are the only ones in my vicinity who do not shovel their sidewalks when it snows. Everyone else, even the ones I don't like, clears the sidewalks. So you're taking a walk and you get to the house where one would think the occupants might care about others, but you have to wade through ankle-deep (or deeper) snow because they clearly DON'T care.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Looking forward

Time to start over on a few things:

1) Tracking knitting FO's. I'm hoping to get 20 pairs of socks done in 2008. I did 11 in 2007. We'll see - I also have sweater and shawl knitting planned, but my commute is going to get shorter. I will need to also cut back on my Internet time-wasting in order to do this...but I have a ton of yarn I need to (and want to) play with.

2) Tracking workouts. I got 486 miles of swimming in last year. I want to make that at least 500 this year, plus I am going to start keeping track of walking and biking miles, which aren't nearly as much as the swimming miles, but it's good to be able to look back on.

I don't really make resolutions, though.

Toward the 20-sock goal, I've finally cracked open my June '07 RSC kit and am hard at work on the Solstice Slip socks. I originally started in the Large size, but it was huge. I started over in the Medium, and this is much better. I need to bone up on my cabling without a cable needle though, or these are going to go REALLY slow.