Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Spoiled is the only word I can think of for myself tonight.

I did a little order to support Martha's Vineyard Fiber Farm and got this:

And inside was this:

Nice supersoft sportweight in Lilac. It's a fairly heavy sportweight too. Haven't decided what to make with it yet. It is so soft and I can tell it is not the tiniest bit itchy.

Also, my Loopy Swap package arrived today!

Before Unwrapping:

After unwrapping:

Entangled Stitches gloves, Reeses hearts, a sock blocker keychain, and 3 glorious yarns: CASBAH in ultraviolet, too-beautiful-for-words handspun, and Wollmeise in Rittersporn. LOVE.

Modeled shot of a glove ;)

Thank you so much Rebecca! You're the best :)

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Wendi said...

Oh my gosh! That glove is incredible! Someone knit that for you! wow.

You showed incredible restraint snapping pics of the items wrapped before ripping open. I admire you.

I'm in your Bollywood ravelry group. So cool you swim every day. That's great for your health and well being. Hope you keep it up while job searching. Will help you feel good when circumstances feel draggy.