Monday, July 21, 2008

Sock Mania

Lots has been going on here...

I started the Summer 2008 socks as part of Summer of Socks...

I'm further along than this now, but haven't taken another photo. I'm almost to the heel on sock #1 - yes, it's going a bit slowly.

Two views of the Cleopatra's Stockings socks:

I am about halfway on sock #2.

Some new yarn acquisitions (note the photos have decided to be large, regardless of my whims):

Sportweight superwash by bellamoden, Possession colorway

All Things Heather in Spiced Plum

WOLLMEISE! This is Indisch Rot..

And Krauterbeet. Looking forward to knitting with both. It was a total fluke that I got these.

Looking forward to being done with the Cleopatra's Stockings. I had to completely start over with Sock #2 on Saturday...and now I am ready to be done. Am just shy of where I was on the first photo finishing sometime this week is within reach - especially if I do manage to take Friday off this week. I have it scheduled, but you never know.


Erica said...

Ohhh...Wollmeise. You lucky girl! I've not actually seen any in person. What's it like?

Michelle said...

It's intensely colored and very soft. I haven't knit with it yet, but promise to share photos when I do!