Friday, July 25, 2008


I took a "floating holiday" from work today. I decided it was "farmer's market and knitting holiday" - what better kind is there?

The farmer's market shopping was very productive:

Local corn! Woo!

Also local - patty pan squash. I have grown this before so I know how yummy it can be.

Cremini mushrooms from a mushroom farm just over the border in WI

One of my favorite vendors is a fruit farmer from Michigan...I was so excited to see they have peaches already. Their peaches are so much better than what you can get at the grocery store.

They have fabulous berries too. I had to sneak a few of these as soon as I got home :)

I love to shop at the cheese vendor too - this time I just got some yummy curds.

And a fruity Sicilian olive oil - I was out of oil to use for salads and pastas.

Also - my new RSC kit arrived!!

As usual, totally now what I would have picked, but I love it anyway.

And since I finished the Cleopatra socks, I have already wound this up and gotten started:

The pattern is addictive. I know what I will be doing this weekend!!


Kim said...

Were you at the LB farmer's market? The olive oil and cheese gave it away. I got the australian -something or other oil.
And am making raspberry jam today - yum.

Michelle said...

Yes, was Lake Bluff. I love going there when I can manage a Friday off!

Julie said...

I've never eaten cheese curds. Perhaps I should make a special request when I visit Rose in September.