Sunday, May 18, 2008

Lots to tell.

Once again I took too long to update the blog because work is completely wearing me out. I have no interest in the Internets when I get home. But knitting is keeping me sane.

Mom drove out for a short visit last weekend, which gave me an excuse to get a cake from Deerfield's:

Yum!!! They have the best buttercream icing EVER.

Oh, I can also post her gift, now that I've given it to her...this is a coffee cozy meant to replace the cardboard ones used at Starbucks and similar places. It was easy, quick, and fun - made of leftover Noro Kureyon from a Booga Bag I made long ago.

We made chocolate covered strawberries too, but no photos of that. They were delicious, though!

And I suppose you'll be wanting to see the knitting progress... :)

I did finish Jury Sock #1 yesterday, but forgot a photo. It looks the same though, except it has a toe ;)

I got this far in the first Salish Sea sock...

...when I realized there was no denying the fact that it was absolutely GINORMOUS and I was going to have to frog it. You all know how much I hate frogging, but I did start over from the beginning.

It's now a little past where it was before I ripped it out:

It is sort of funny looking but I've tried it on and it actually fits superbly well. Also, I like the pooling effect better on the smaller size, so that is a bonus. I expect to finish this one in the next few days. After this pair I get to move on to this year's Rockin' Sock Club! Which is good, as I hear there is another installment on its way very shortly.

I also finished the first Aquaphobia today:

I really like it. Kind of funny that it actually is pooling, but very different from the un-patterned bottom of the sock. I think it's very pretty, but the colors are just not me, so this pair is going to be set aside for a Christmas gift...just not sure for whom. (My relatives are all suddenly crossing their fingers....LOL) This is a fun one, though.

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