Thursday, April 10, 2008


I have been dying to knit Sidewinders for a long time. Last summer I bought some Fire on the Mountain specifically for this pattern...and when I went to wind the skein last night I noticed it was a particularly nice dye job.

I don't normally swatch for socks - I usually figure the cuff or toe is a good swatch and about the same size/effort. But since these are not done in the round, I figured I better actually swatch.

You may drool now. I think the coloring will be even more fun on the actual socks since the rows will be longer.

Now I am going to rip out the swatch as I am very paranoid about running out of yarn.

I also cast on for the Lenore socks over a week ago, but haven't photographed them yet. They are quite fun and go very quickly once I spend any amount of time on them. Will try to get a photo over the weekend.

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