Monday, April 14, 2008

Act 3

I just barely finished Act 3 before bed last night.

I'll start Act 4 tonight, but it may be 2 or 3 nights before I get through it all.

I also got a birthday present in the mail today :)

This may entice me away from the "Five Minutes a Day" book...OK, I know it will. Thanks Mom! :)

And it's been awhile since I posted cat photos...



Lomion is fighting a kitty UTI but I'm hoping he is starting to slowly recover. This has been a bit of a difficulty, which I have ranted about elsewhere.

Oh, and I do need to go to the courthouse tomorrow :( So much going on at work, not a good time for me to be gone. Today would have been OK, but the rest of this week, not so good. Keep your fingers crossed that they don't need me longer than a day!

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