Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I. Hate. My. Neighbors.

There are many reasons, most of which I shan't go into right now.

But... we were cooking supper tonight when we looked out the back window and saw a rabbit in our garden. C went outside and chased it out of the yard, and then SHUT THE GATES (which had been open). Our neighbors constantly cut through our yard (because they're buddies with other neighbors, but again, long story), and leave the goddamn gates open.

So, we went out tonight to plant squash, and found that our broccoli and cauliflower are GONE. Plants we have been working on since FEBRUARY. I am livid.

Talking to them won't help. Even if I tell them I'm sure it wasn't them, but please remember to be careful. They'll say "Oh yeah, sorry that happened" and then continue leaving the gate open. Right now I am really close to buying keyed padlocks for all 3 gates and installing them, so only we can open the gates. I am so angry. It would be one thing if bugs or disease did our plants in, but this was something totally preventable that only happened because of our lazy asshole neighbors.


Lacy said...

I would definitely buy locks. If for no other reason that to piss your neighbors off. When we could actually live in our house, I was the Mean Adult on the street and would go out and chase the neighborhood kids out of our yard. So I feel your pain.

Anonymous said...

Hey, don't worry, I'm still around just having problems with e-mail to you. It seems to go but then I get no reply so maybe it's not getting through :/ Ah well, I expect to mail a package sometime late next week. I'll leave a note to let you know when to look out for it :)

your Secret Pal (who finally realized she could comment anonymously- d'uh!)

Michelle said...

SP - Sorry my email doesn't seem to be working....I just sent the address to Cerella again (so I don't have to post it here) to make sure you were given the correct address.

Lacy - I talked to a bunch of people at work today, including my boss, and they all agree I should install locks. So that will be my fun weekend project.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Michelle! I was afraid to post a comment, I'm worried I'll forget to click anon and give myself away but since your email wasn't bouncing I thought you were getting it, add that to the bloglines not updating your blog and I just thought you were inactive, didn't realize you'd gotten your package etc etc etc. I'm so glad it is all getting sorted out now!

Locks- I definitely agree that they are the best course of action. What a shame about your lovely garden plants.

Anonymous said...

buy the locks