Tuesday, November 21, 2006

OK - you wanted to see!

Sorry for the delay - the photo delay has been due to C taking forever to put his digital signature on them (and he refused to let me post them without it). The posting delay has been due to me furiously knitting socks in a panic-stricken state. I am hoping to finish one tonight and cast on for another either tonight or tomorrow. I have to, at a minimum, complete 3 1/3 more socks before Christmas. To add to the excitement, 2 of the pairs I am still working on need to be shipped. My blood pressure was up at the doctor yesterday. Luckily, the nurse understood when I explained :)

OK, on to the photos!

Random street in Venice - I just loved Venice in general. There weren't as many big famous things to look at, but I loved the city. One of my favorite places I have ever been.

View of the Grand Canal in Venice off the Accademia bridge, which was right near our hotel. You can see what gorgeous weather we were having out there.

Maybe THIS was why I loved Venice so much - this was the only yarn shop I saw on our travels. I didn't buy anything, but had to have a photo. (Note the edge of the bridge right next to it, there are over 400 bridges in Venice going over the various canals.)

C and me at our stop in Umbria. Isn't that gorgeous behind us? Unfortunately this one doesn't seem to be looking so good at this size...I think it's a little better if you click on it.

Wonderful pasta in Umbria. And vino! I think I drank about a whole bottle of wine at this lunch. By the time we got to Rome I was feeling hung over!

One of my favorite things about Italy - gelato! I think the flavors here were tiramisu and peanut butter. It's probably a good thing we can't get gelato here (we even had it for dinner one night) or I would be the size of a house. But I miss it.

Me in front of the Trevi fountain, just minutes after two Italian guys got into a fight and ended up IN the fountain, and then were carted off by the cops.

Fun pastry I picked up while wandering Rome. I have no idea what it was called or what was in it, but it was yummy!

I'll do more photos another time, but at least I finally got some up!

Back to the sock frenzy!!!


Lacy said...

I'm still jealous.

Julie said...

I love the photos, particularly the fountain and the food ones. Yum!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a fab time - great pictures - SP