Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The week where everything falls apart.

Oh man.

Well, things had better be about done falling apart.

So on Sunday, during supper, I went to get some water out of the pitcher in the fridge. The air seemed kind of warm in there so I checked the thermometer and it was almost 70 degrees! Holy crap! We turned the thermostat way down, but to no avail. Of course it was a holiday weekend, so we couldn't even call for service (yes, we did try). Luckily we have a standalone freezer in the basement - everything out of the fridge freezer (which still worked, but not taking chances) went into the basement freezer, as well as anything in the fridge that could be frozen. Luckier still, I remembered that we had C's old dorm fridge in the basement, so we got some stuff in there. We threw out a lot of stuff too, that had already gotten nasty. The rest of the stuff is in a cooler, on ice, in the kitchen. Bah.

So first thing yesterday, we call. They can't come out here until THURSDAY. They damn well better fix that thing for free. We've only had this fridge for a little over a year, and it was expensive. We're starting to wonder if we should just buy crappy $200 fridges and replace them when they conk out. at work yesterday we were waiting for some data to audit. Things were running a bit behind schedule, so we were told we'd get it around 6:00. We figured that was OK, we'd still be out of there by 6:30 or so. Well, 6:30 came and went, and 7:00.... meanwhile we were sitting there starving. The stuff finally came at 8:30, at which point our blood sugar was so low we weren't going to catch any errors. We decided to take the stuff home to review while we ate. I'm mostly angry that we weren't initially told it would be so long, because I would have bought dinner for my team.

Then today, we found a problem in another audit that had been missed in three separate audits another team had done. This basically means that all our work from yesterday and today was thrown out the window, because we need to start over with everything. We need to get in early tomorrow so we can get all the files reviewed by 9 am. (All this probably makes no sense to you unless you are familiar with database marketing. I just need to vent.) I am mentally exhausted. Even though I'm not physically tired, I think I need to go to bed early tonight.

Needless to say, I haven't done any knitting in the last couple days. I did start working on a rug (!) over the weekend but I'm not sure about it because it seems really narrow. I'm going to check my gauge and see if it's off (no, I didn't do a swatch - a swatch for a rug seems silly). If it is way off, I think I'll just start over. I'm only about 30 rows into it, so it wouldn't be that much of a loss. I'll try to take photos of it though, either way. I worked some on the basketweave sweater too, but it still seems to be the same size. Sigh.

I think maybe it's time for some ice cream.

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